Frequently Asked Questions

How does the registration for the PPL (A) or the LAPL (A) works ?

First, we recommend that you make an appointment with a flight doctor to obtain the Medical Certificate.

For the PPL (A) / LAPL (A) you need at least the Medical Class 2.

For an initial examination class 2 we recommend:

Dr. Christian Schelske
Fichtestraße 25
10967 Berlin

You can make an appointment by phone on +49 (0)30 - 69 13 8 57.

If you have received the Medical, register officially as a student for the PPL (A) / LAPL (A) through our office.

If you do not have a radiotelephone certificate yet, you can register for the required BZF also.

Therefore please call our office: +49 (0)3341 - 25 000 8

Once you have completed all the required information, you can also start to collect the documents required for the training there. These are:

Identity card (both sides)
the medical
Declaration on pending criminal proceedings
Background check (ZÜP)
Excerpt from the driving qualification register (FAER)

The training contract, the statement on pending criminal proceedings and the ZÜP application, which must be stamped and signed by us as your training school, are available on request from us. The excerpt from the driving qualification register (FAER) can easily be downloaded from the internet.

ZÜP- as well as FAER application must then be sent including a two-sided ID copy independently by you to the specified addresses of the respective authority.


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How does the payment for the PPL (A) / LAPL (A) works ?

Basically, there are 3 variants for this:

  1. You pay the entire amount in advance. As a bonus, you will receive from us a credit note of a certain amount on the total amount of your education. The exact amount for the PPL (A) can be found here http://aerotours.de/en/ppla-privatpilot-698.html or for the LAPL (A) here http://aerotours.de/en/lapla-leichtflugzeugpilot-699.html
  2. You want to work with down payments. You will be charged for all administrative costs in a first invoice. These are i.a. the enrollment fees, your distance learning course, the supplementary class room teaching, the radiotelephony certificate (if not present yet ), the teaching materials, etc. This first invoice amount is around 2.000, - €. This covers all costs that are not related to practical flight training. In order to settle the flight hours, you have to pay an amount of your desire to your customer account. Then you fly as long as this credit balance lasts. If your credit has been used up, you will automatically receive a new deduction from us. At the end of your apprenticeship you will receive a detailed final bill of all your hours worked, which will be calculated against the sum of your advance payments.
  3. In variant 3 you pay the first invoice for the administrative costs of the round about 2,000, - €. After that, you will not make any advance payments, but will be charged for the services you use, ie the flight hours, in certain sections.

Last update on 17. May 2018 by Albrecht Barthel.