Type Rating BeechKing Air BE90-200

Von Bis 12.09.2022 - 25.09.2022Course language:  

Course Description

From September 12th 2022 to September 25th 2022 a Beechcraft King Air BE90/99/100/200 typerating course will take place in Strausberg, Germany and Pori, Finland.

The course has the goal to make the applicant familiar with the high performance aircraft Beechcraft  King Air BE90/99/100/200, so the applicant can fly the aircraft safely and professionally.


The applicant for a typerating TR(A) BE90/99/100/200 must fulfill the following requirements according to Part-FCL.720.A:


AEROTOURS GmbH - Flugplatz F2, Haus 12 - 15344 Strausberg
Approved Training Organisation DE.ATO.074 | IFR Air Operator Certificate D-374 AOC
Language Testing Organisation D-LTO-047, Level 4&5 | Erste Hilfe Ausbildungsstelle

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